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We all know people who just can’t apologize — well, here’s why

Non-apologizers are maddening to be around, especially when they're clearly in the wrong. Here's what drives their unrepentant ways and what you can do, from psychologist Guy Winch.
Posted Jul 2021

Tough compassion — here’s what it is and why you need to practice it

Most of us think of "compassion" as something that's soft and feel good. But that approach doesn't work in tough moments or in tough conversations. Writer Elizabeth Svoboda shares the benefits of "tough compassion" and how to use it in your relationships.
Posted Jun 2021

How to deflect nosy questions, stop advice-givers, fend off criticism and more

Setting boundaries is not a one-time act; it's a process. Here are some tools and scripts that will help you create a foundation to build on, from psychotherapist Terri Cole.
Posted Jun 2021
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