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The 7 types of people you need in your life to be resilient

For most of us, a major cause of overwhelm at work is the small stuff, or what authors Rob Cross PhD and Karen Dillon call "microstresses." Good news: Your relationships can actually help you stand up to them -- here's how.
Posted May 2023

Creating a contract — yes, a contract! — could help you get what you want from your relationship

Writing a contract about every part of your relationship -- from sex to money, housework to the dog — may sound clinical or calculating, but the practice has been transformative for author Mandy Len Catron and her partner.
Posted Feb 2023

How to add new life to your relationships (even your best ones!)

Want lasting happiness? Invest in your connections to other people, suggest Robert Waldinger MD and Marc Schulz PhD, codirectors of the longest-running scientific study on well-being. Here, they share four strategies to re-energize your bonds.
Posted Jan 2023
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