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We need to keep dreaming, even when it feels impossible. Here’s why

It’s hard for us to get our hopes up only to be disappointed, says writer and podcast host Luvvie Ajayi Jones. Yet when we dream, we’re giving ourselves permission to realize our craziest fantasies -- and giving other people permission to do the same.
Posted Mar 2021

Why saying “I don’t see race at all” just makes racism worse

When writer Heather McGhee was growing up in the 1980s, many Americans were taught the way to be a good person was to swear that race didn't matter. Today we're paying a price for that mindset: blame, racial resentment and the denial by many that racism still exists.
Posted Mar 2021

Prejudiced thoughts run through all our minds — the key is what we do with them

Harmful stereotypes pervade our thinking -- even if you believe yourself to be completely unbiased. These 3 steps can help you notice and disarm your own prejudice, and psychologist Steven C. Hayes takes us through them.
Posted Aug 2020
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