A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Race.

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The paths and possibilities of police reform

11 talks • 3h 9m
Thoughtful, actionable TED talks on how we might transform a seemingly impossible problem into a solvable one.

Tips for inclusive leadership

5 talks • 1h 19m
Leadership that includes and values everyone is the future of successful business. These talks curated in partnership with Brightline Initiative CEO Ricardo Vargas give great tips on how to be an inclusive leader.

The link between health and racism

9 talks • 2h 2m
Learn about the detrimental (and even deadly) impact racism has on our minds and bodies — and what society can do to heal and support the wellbeing of all.

Talks to help you understand social justice

11 talks • 2h 37m
Want to join the fight for equality? A starter pack of TED Talks for those looking to understand the basics of social justice.

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