What makes us tick? These TED Talks -- from psychologists and journalists, doctors and patients -- share the latest research on why we do what we do.

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6 relationship resolutions to make this year

Making small changes in our connections with people -- whether it's our nearest and dearest or strangers at the store -- can yield big results. Here are some to try, from relationship researcher Carol Bruess PhD.
Posted Dec 2021

Why are some people irritable all the time? And what can you do?

Maybe you have someone like this in your life ... or maybe you're the one who's too often in a bad mood. Psychologist Guy Winch explores this common problem and shares his advice.
Posted Dec 2021

The science behind panic attacks — and what you can do to manage them

Roughly one in three people will experience panic attacks at some point during their lives. But there is good news: They usually pass in 10 - 15 minutes, and you can use a few techniques to manage them, say experts Cindy Aaronson PhD and Justin Feinstein PhD.
Posted Aug 2021
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