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Why an insecure internet is actually in tech companies’ best interests

Google, Facebook, Amazon and others make their profits in two main ways: by collecting as much data as possible from us and by controlling what we pay for, says online security expert Bruce Schneier. And what does this all depend on? A vulnerable internet.
Posted Oct 2018

Why Obama should pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

Some people might not like his tactics, but Edward Snowden has done great things for privacy rights, says Freedom of the Press Foundation's Trevor Timm. That's why it's time for him to come home.
Posted Oct 2016

Why online privacy matters — and how to protect yours

Christopher Soghoian of the ACLU talks privacy, security and why you should put a sticker on your webcam right now, in conversation with investigative journalist Will Potter.
Posted Aug 2016
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