A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Play.

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The illuminating benefits of video games

7 talks • 1h 39m
Are video games eroding our minds? These TED talks suggest the opposite — that videos games can improve our brain function, and even help better the world.

Why you should take time to play

9 talks • 2h 3m
Play invites creativity and collaboration, and can inspire you to think out of the box! Take a recess and learn about the benefits of connecting with your inner-child.

Talks to inspire projects with kids

8 talks • 1h 10m
These crafty talks will ignite passions, pique interests and introduce kids to the excitement of hands-on learning.

Talks for your inner child

9 talks • 1h 58m
Fun doesn’t stop at adulthood. Reconnect with your sense of wonder and imagination in these playful talks.

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Here’s an idea: Play your way to recovery

As anyone who’s ever recovered from an injury knows, physical therapy can be painful, boring and slow. TED Fellow Cosmin Mihaiu is out to change that with MIRA, software that di...