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The environmental impact of cut flowers? Not so rosy

We use flowers to express love, mark significant events and celebrate holidays, but our bouquets can come with significant costs. Here’s how the flower industry is impacting the planet -- and what you should ask before you gift again.
Posted May 2021

Want to grow your own food? 9 tips to help you get started

Never had a garden? Or do you just have a fire escape? Or no outdoor space? It doesn’t matter. You can grow food practically anywhere, says educator and urban farmer Stephen Ritz.
Posted May 2020

Why every desk at your office should have a plant

Call it green energy -- by giving every employee a plant, engineer Mike Robinson created an environment where both humans and their leafy friends thrive. Plus, 9 recommendations for hardy, hard-to-kill plants to call your own.
Posted May 2019
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