In these TED Talks, some of the world's greatest photographers -- from places like National Geographic, Time and Magnum -- share stunning images and the stories behind them.

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Gallery: Climate change is about more than polar bears — 7 ways we can use photography to communicate more deeply

Humans are visual creatures: our understanding of the world is dominated by what we see, and how this makes us feel. That's why Climate Visuals -- the world’s only evidence-based climate photography resource -- compiled seven key principles to help photographers and organizations effectively communicate the scale and scope of the climate crisis. 
Posted May 2021

Gallery: Photos of loss, memory and identity in a town swept by the 2011 tsunami

With a mix of found and new images, photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg shows how people and a town weathered a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.
Posted Mar 2021

Photo gallery: 4 fascinating behaviors of great white sharks and what they mean

Underwater cinematographer and shark advocate Dan Abbott takes us inside the watery world of these much feared, little-understood fish.
Posted Sep 2020
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