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Why does it hurt so much when we get ghosted? A psychologist explains

The uncertainty of ghosting is not really what causes us pain. Instead, it hits us at an even greater point of human vulnerability: Our desire to belong and be loved. Behavioral scientist Michelle Drouin PhD tells us why.
Posted Aug 2022

Ever say “I’ll be happy when …?” Here’s why you need to stop doing that — now

Every time you say that or its cousins "If I just had ____" or "When I get through ____", what you’re really saying is “I can’t be happy now.” Author and designer Ingrid Fetell Lee explains why -- and how she broke this habit.
Posted Jun 2022

How you can support someone who is in an abusive relationship

Knowing how to recognize an unhealthy relationship -- and help the person who's in it -- isn’t always easy or straightforward. Educator Katie Hood and community advocate Karen Mason share their advice for what you can do.
Posted May 2022
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