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Gallery: During lockdown, this street photographer created a vibrant, surreal world starring his parents

When people worldwide went into lockdown due to the pandemic, street photographer Enda Burke found himself isolated from his usual subjects and living with his parents. He decided to create a world of his own indoors, and the result is his joyful, eye-popping series.
Posted May 2022

What if 1 or 2 flu shots could cover us for the rest of our lives? Researchers are working on it

Every year, a new influenza vaccine is created to protect against constantly evolving strains of the virus. But here's what researchers like Florian Krammer PhD are doing to develop a universal shot which could target all flu viruses. 
Posted Dec 2021

Going back to the office? 6 tips to help you adjust

As some of us return to in-person work after months at home, it's important to consider how much life has changed -- for us and for our coworkers. Psychologist Meag-gan O'Reilly PhD and CEO and HR executive Rebecca Henderson give their advice on how you can adjust.
Posted Nov 2021
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