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7 ways to avoid becoming a misinformation superspreader

Here are seven strategies you can use to avoid being misled and to prevent yourself -- and others -- from spreading inaccuracies, from psychology professor H. Colleen Sinclair.
Posted Apr 2021

Did the pandemic make a dent in climate change? A climate scientist answers

When the World Health Organization officially declared a pandemic in March 2020, the world ground to a halt: Factories closed, roads emptied and planes were grounded. How did COVID-19 lockdowns affect climate change? A climate scientist explains.
Posted Mar 2021

Humans are made to be touched — so what happens when we aren’t?

Touch is -- or was -- one of the fundamental ways that we relate to one another. Researcher Helena Wasling and psychologist Guy Winch explain what we can do to ease the difficulty of being without this physical connection.
Posted Mar 2021
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