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Many of our seafood favorites aren’t ocean- or planet-friendly — here are 6 ways to eat better

Maintaining a healthy ocean is critical for a healthy planet, and your seafood choices have a direct impact on the state of our seas. Here are actionable ways that you can lower the impact of the seafood you eat.
Posted Jun 2021

Photo gallery: 4 fascinating behaviors of great white sharks and what they mean

Underwater cinematographer and shark advocate Dan Abbott takes us inside the watery world of these much feared, little-understood fish.
Posted Sep 2020

Would you drink desalinated seawater? Recycled sewage water? Get ready to find out

Our planet is getting hotter and drier. Drinking water is in short supply, but there are two largely untapped sources: the ocean and sewage. To get a taste of what might be in store for our faucets and understand the pros and cons, journalist Amanda Little goes to California.
Posted Jul 2019
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