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From fake meat to cow burps: 5 ways to use seaweed to tackle climate change

From solar panels to electric vehicles, all sorts of exciting technologies are being used to address the climate crisis. But some solutions already exist in the natural world. Seaweed -- yes, seaweed -- could help us absorb carbon emissions, generate marine protein and replace petroleum-based products.
Posted Sep 2021

The new IPCC climate report is hugely important — and here are 6 main takeaways

Climate change is now affecting every continent, region and ocean on Earth and every facet of the weather. Here's an explainer to the new report and what it means for our future.
Posted Aug 2021

Many of our seafood favorites aren’t ocean- or planet-friendly — here are 6 ways to eat better

Maintaining a healthy ocean is critical for a healthy planet, and your seafood choices have a direct impact on the state of our seas. Here are actionable ways that you can lower the impact of the seafood you eat.
Posted Jun 2021
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