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What's happening to the ocean?

5 talks • 1h 10m
Are we turning the oceans into warm, noisy, uninhabitable bodies of acid? The short answer is, yes -- but there's still hope.

So, you're on a boat

5 talks • 1h 17m
Talks for when you find yourself in, near or around boats of any size.


5 talks • 1h 7m
Our talks featuring sharks -- arguably one of the more misunderstood creatures of the deep blue sea.

Amazing reveals

10 talks • 2h 16m
Join us in looking back at some of the most awe-inspiring things ever seen on the TED stage.

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Gallery: How to speak jellyfish

Ocean explorer Edith Widder shares the astoundingly sophisticated language of bioluminescent creatures, which can light up the depths of the seas like a “snow storm.” The most s...
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