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Humans are made to be touched — so what happens when we aren’t?

Touch is -- or was -- one of the fundamental ways that we relate to one another. Researcher Helena Wasling and psychologist Guy Winch explain what we can do to ease the difficulty of being without this physical connection.
Posted Mar 2021

Why your brain loves it when you exercise, plus 3 easy ways to work out at home

Small space? No equipment? Can't make noise? There are still a surprising number of ways to exercise at home -- and the benefits you'll gain are real and lasting, says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki.
Posted Feb 2021

The science behind hangovers — and what to do when you get one

Most of us joke about hangovers, but the reality is no laughing matter: We're suffering from alcohol withdrawal. Neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt explains what scientists do know (and don't) about these aches and pains -- and what we can do to prevent and treat them.
Posted Dec 2020
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