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Struggling to recall something? You may not have a memory problem — just an attention problem

Turns out, your memory isn’t a like video camera, recording a constant stream of every sight and sound you’re exposed to. In fact, you can only capture and retain what you pay attention to. Author and neuroscientist Lisa Genova explains.
Posted Sep 2021

Could the ways you cope with stress be undermining you? Here are healthier ways to respond

Many of us still rely on coping strategies that were formed when we were young. Could yours use an update? Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki PhD explains why you need to check and how to change them for the better.
Posted Sep 2021

The science behind panic attacks — and what you can do to manage them

Roughly one in three people will experience panic attacks at some point during their lives. But there is good news: They usually pass in 10 - 15 minutes, and you can use a few techniques to manage them, say experts Cindy Aaronson PhD and Justin Feinstein PhD.
Posted Aug 2021
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