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Climatarian, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan: Which diet is best for the planet? (And what do they mean?)

Changing what we eat can help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable farming practices -- but which diet could make the biggest difference? Earth scientist Mark Maslin PhD breaks down the different options and tells you what they mean for climate change, your health and the planet.
Posted Sep 2022

Why does it hurt so much when we get ghosted? A psychologist explains

The uncertainty of ghosting is not really what causes us pain. Instead, it hits us at an even greater point of human vulnerability: Our desire to belong and be loved. Behavioral scientist Michelle Drouin PhD tells us why.
Posted Aug 2022

9 youth climate activists from around the world share their book and podcast picks

Deepen your understanding of the climate crisis with these book and podcast recommendations from young people who are working to inspire action before it's too late.
Posted Apr 2022
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