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Facing a tough decision? Borrow from psychology, business and the military to see past your blind spots

Here's a crash course in 3 proven ways -- scenario planning, premortems and red-teaming -- to help you spot hidden opportunities and pitfalls (and maybe even predict the future). Writer Steven Johnson explains.
Posted Sep 2018

Gallery: How these powerful masks are helping combat veterans heal

Art therapist Melissa Walker is using masks to allow service members with traumatic brain injuries express their deepest emotions and experiences, helping them and their loved ones.
Posted Nov 2016

Women at war: How women ended up on the front line in Afghanistan

In 2010 the U.S. Army Special Operations Command created Cultural Support Teams, a pilot program to put women on the battlefield in Afghanistan. In this excerpt from her book, Ashley's War, writer Gayle Tzemach Lemmon shares the background that led to this game-changing decision.
Posted May 2015
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