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The smart strategy that one LGBTQ forum uses to keep out trolls and bullies

Turn it into a game, says technologist Esra’a Al Shafei. Thanks to features like a point system and a leaderboard, her small site for LGBTQ people in the Arab world is not only fun to use -- it’s free from harassers.
Posted Sep 2018

Otherworldly photos that show us what our religions have in common

After decades spent documenting faith communities around the world, photographer Monika Bulaj understands that our religions are more similar than we realize.
Posted Feb 2018

A rare, intimate look at the lives of single mothers in Afghanistan

Millions of women singlehandedly raise their children in the war-torn country, but their stories are rarely told in the media. Photographer Kiana Hayeri captures their struggles and strength in these photos.
Posted Oct 2017
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