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Struggling to recall something? You may not have a memory problem — just an attention problem

Turns out, your memory isn’t a like video camera, recording a constant stream of every sight and sound you’re exposed to. In fact, you can only capture and retain what you pay attention to. Author and neuroscientist Lisa Genova explains.
Posted Sep 2021

There’s an art to happy memories — you can make more by experiencing more “first”s

Studies show we’re better at remembering the novel and the new, so let's use this tendency to add to our storehouse of memorable and meaningful moments, says happiness expert Meik Wiking.
Posted Jan 2020

Remember people’s names once and for all — by using this technique from memory champs

Just take the strategy employed by memory athletes to memorize decks of cards and thousands of digits of pi, and adapt it to get over stranger-name forgetfulness.
Posted Jan 2019
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