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Media with meaning

12 talks • 2h 21m
In a world filled with sound bites and paparazzi-snapped photos, there are still storytellers determined to create media with meaning. From feature films to citizen journalism, their work is worth spreading.

For the love of comics and cartoons

8 talks • 1h 49m
Enjoy these talks on two-dimensional art that can give joy, color and surprising honesty to our three-dimensional lives.

How to pop our filter bubbles

9 talks • 1h 42m
Insights and advice to escaping the echo chambers of social media, newsfeeds, and everyday conversation so that we may get a better, less rose-tinted grasp of the world and people around us.

The pros and cons of screens

7 talks • 1h 37m
To have screen time, or to not have screen time? These talks duke out the good and bad of our everyday tech.

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