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Many of our seafood favorites aren’t ocean- or planet-friendly — here are 6 ways to eat better

Maintaining a healthy ocean is critical for a healthy planet, and your seafood choices have a direct impact on the state of our seas. Here are actionable ways that you can lower the impact of the seafood you eat.
Posted Jun 2021

Inside the surprising social networks of fish (yes, fish)

Just like humans, fish have social networks too — and these could be key to helping protecting them and the coral reefs where they live, says marine biologist Mike Gil.
Posted Oct 2020

Oddballs with high-level intelligence: a Q & A with Roger Hanlon about the amazing octopus

How do color-blind cephalopods -- octopus, squid and others -- achieve such a good color match when they camouflage? (in short: amazing, distributed brains). And what does it take to study these elusive animals in the wild? (a whole lot of patience). Marine scientist Roger Hanlon dives deeper into his research.
Posted May 2019
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