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How to use design thinking to create a happier life for yourself

Feel like your life could use an overhaul -- or a few tweaks -- but don't know where to begin? Designers specialize in coming up with better products and better worlds, and you can use their mindset to help you re-envision and revise, says design professor Bill Burnett.
Posted Feb 2021

You have been living in a new geologic time all along

In August, a group of scientists announced that people deserve their own new epoch in official geologic time, like the Holocene or the Paleogene. Welcome to the Anthropocene!
Posted Sep 2016

First look: The last ever interview with Dr Oliver Sacks

Filmmaker Ric Burns describes the turn of events that led to his latest project, a documentary of the prolific author and neurological anthropologist, Oliver Sacks.
Posted Mar 2016
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