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How the bail system in the US became such a mess — and how it can be fixed

In the United States, nearly 70 percent of the people held in local jails are there for one reason: they don’t have enough money to pay bail. Here’s a look at how this came to be and what it would take to change it.
Posted Aug 2018

Why these prisoners are getting law degrees behind bars

Helping prisoners get a legal education benefits them and the world, says African Prison Project founder Alexander McLean: They can help their fellow inmates with their legal expertise, and when they’re released, they can help society, too.
Posted Dec 2017

A brief history of secret prisons in the United States

Secret prisons reflect a parallel legal system for prisoners who are denied access to communications, deprived of their due process rights, and hidden from public scrutiny. Investigative journalist and TED Fellow Will Potter explains.
Posted Dec 2015
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