A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Inequality.

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The quest to end poverty

12 talks • 3h 16m
It's the challenge of our age: How do we end poverty? Hear ideas and results from economists, philanthropists, activists working -- in labs and on the ground -- to wipe it out.

The pursuit of justice

10 talks • 2h 36m
Behold, courage. These speakers have the fortitude to stand up to some of the world's greatest injustices.

The power of the individual voice

10 talks • 2h 49m
It only takes one voice to create change. Be inspired to take action through these talks by brave and passionate individuals.

Talks to help you understand social justice

9 talks • 2h 11m
Want to join the fight for equality? A starter pack of TED Talks for those looking to understand the basics of social justice.
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Why cities rule the world

Cities are the the 21st century’s dominant form of civilization — and they’re where humanity’s struggle for survival will take place. Robert Muggah and Benjamin Barber spell out...
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