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Photo gallery: How Indigenous natural technologies can help us adapt to climate change

From biodegradable islands to living root bridges, these designs -- as researched and highlighted by Julia Watson -- can help us build infrastructure that coexists harmoniously with the natural world.
Posted Mar 2021

By saving this adorable, elusive wild cat, you could help save the planet (really!)

Fishing cats live deep in Asia’s mangrove forests, one of our earth's most important ecosystems. Conservationist and entrepreneur Ashwin Naidu of the Fishing Cat Conservancy is working hard to protect them both.
Posted Aug 2020

How to grow your own tiny forest

Fighting climate change can feel overwhelming, but what if action looked like something as small as planting a tree -- or a forest? A forest can be grown anywhere, even in your own backyard. Shubhendu Sharma, an eco-engineer and TED Fellow, explains how.
Posted Apr 2020
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