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Photo gallery: Who in the world would live next to an active volcano? Meet the neighbors

Volcanoes have a certain hypnotic appeal -- but would you want one in your backyard? Photographer Cris Toala Olivares introduces us to the humans who co-exist with these unstable and sometimes deadly forces of nature.
Posted Sep 2018

The amazing world that scientists are uncovering beneath the Earth’s crust

There are continents to explore right below our feet -- including two giant blobs 100 times as tall as Everest. Here's how seismologist and geophysicist Ed Garnero is studying this unseen and largely uncharted territory.
Posted May 2017

Deep in an ancient cave … an unexpected form of life

A team of geologists has been exploring the caves beneath the table mountains of Venezuela, where new lifeforms may have been quietly developing for millions of years. Journalist Lars Abromeit describes the expedition into the unknown.
Posted Dec 2016
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