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Leather is bad for animals and the planet — but what if we made it in a lab?

Leather is part of many of our wardrobes, but producing it creates carbon pollution and drives deforestation. Thanks to science, sustainable lab-grown leather could soon be a reality. Entrepreneur Andras Forgacs explains how it works.
Posted Apr 2022

Why the war in Ukraine is also a make-or-break moment for climate change

Can we be outraged about the war, worry about energy security and fight climate change -- all at the same time? Yes. TED global curator Bruno Giussani explains why the war in Ukraine is, in many ways, an energy war and how we should use it to develop a climate policy that can stand up to future crises.
Posted Mar 2022

Get a better understanding of the science of climate change in just 6 charts

From sea level rise to global greenhouse gas emissions, here's a look at climate science in 6 charts -- and why we should still remain hopeful, from atmospheric scientist Betsy Weatherhead PhD.
Posted Dec 2021
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