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Want to make your wardrobe more sustainable? Cut your new clothing purchases by 75%

In the past 15 years, clothing production has doubled, draining our natural resources and using up Earth's limited carbon budget. Here, sustainability researchers share four things that we can do to tackle the fast fashion problem.
Posted Apr 2022

Leather is bad for animals and the planet — but what if we made it in a lab?

Leather is part of many of our wardrobes, but producing it creates carbon pollution and drives deforestation. Thanks to science, sustainable lab-grown leather could soon be a reality. Entrepreneur Andras Forgacs explains how it works.
Posted Apr 2022

When is it OK to wear an item from another culture, and when is it appropriation? How to tell

It's fine to choose styles from other cultures; the key is to be conscious about what you're doing. Fashion psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen provides some thoughtful advice.
Posted Jul 2020
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