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Objects of desire

16 talks • 3h 39m
An iconic painting. An ancient manuscript. A cylinder with 2600 years of history. Learn about artifacts and images that have intrigued humans for centuries, and why we find them so alluring.

Diane von Furstenberg's 4 favorite TED Talks

4 talks • 50:13
The legendary fashion designer — who created the wrap dress and remains an icon in the industry (she's also President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America) — picks the 5 TED talks that have inspired her most.

Isaac Mizrahi: Talks that are in fashion

6 talks • 1h 22m
Designer Isaac Mizrahi dashed off these stylish, breezy notes on why these 6 TEDTalks are a source of inspiration for him.

Walk, walk, fashion baby

9 talks • 1h 26m
Venture down the catwalk with these talks all about the creatively wild world of fashion.
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