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Leather is bad for animals and the planet — but what if we made it in a lab?

Leather is part of many of our wardrobes, but producing it creates carbon pollution and drives deforestation. Thanks to science, sustainable lab-grown leather could soon be a reality. Entrepreneur Andras Forgacs explains how it works.
Posted Apr 2022

The environmental impact of cut flowers? Not so rosy

We use flowers to express love, mark significant events and celebrate holidays, but our bouquets can come with significant costs. Here’s how the flower industry is impacting the planet -- and what you should ask before you gift again.
Posted May 2021

Which plant-based milk is better for the planet? This is what the science says

Plant-based milks have a lighter impact than dairy milk in terms of carbon pollution, water and land use -- but not all are created equal. Two sustainability researchers crunch the numbers to guide you towards more Earth-friendly options.
Posted Apr 2021
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