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The EU is giving citizens the “right to repair” electronics — here’s what that could mean for the world

Across Europe, legislation is restoring something that companies have taken away from citizens: The right to repair what they’ve bought. These new guidelines can save people money -- and help save the environment.
Posted Aug 2021

Quiz: How much do you really know about the pencil?

You’ve probably used and discarded hundreds of pencils in your life so far. Put your knowledge to the test -- and learn some cocktail party trivia in the process.
Posted Mar 2018

Where in the world will you find the most advanced e-government? Estonia.

This tiny republic has the most startups per person and the fastest broadband speeds, and it offers something no other country does: e-residency. Estonia is aiming to create the ideal information society. Technology thinker and entrepreneur Andrew Keen goes there to find out how it works.
Posted Mar 2018
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