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8 illustrations that show a hopeful climate future (PS: but we need to act now!)

Environmental groups often use frightening images to sound the alarm on big issues -- but to be effective at inspiring action, climate-related visuals need to promote hope rather than fear. Here, eight designs with an optimistic vision, and how the artists are driving change in their own lives.
Posted Jul 2021

Charcoal may be great for barbecues — but it’s bad for the planet

In much of the world, barbecuing is practically synonymous with summer. But those smoky foods and glowing embers come with significant ecological and human costs. From creation to cookout, here’s a look at the impact of charcoal -- and at some greener alternatives.
Posted Jul 2021

The environmental impact of cut flowers? Not so rosy

We use flowers to express love, mark significant events and celebrate holidays, but our bouquets can come with significant costs. Here’s how the flower industry is impacting the planet -- and what you should ask before you gift again.
Posted May 2021
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