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Why the war in Ukraine is also a make-or-break moment for climate change

Can we be outraged about the war, worry about energy security and fight climate change -- all at the same time? Yes. TED global curator Bruno Giussani explains why the war in Ukraine is, in many ways, an energy war and how we should use it to develop a climate policy that can stand up to future crises.
Posted Mar 2022

Most US homes are energy vampires — here’s how we need to rethink housing from the ground up

US households use almost twice as much energy as those in Europe and produce nearly one-fifth of America's energy-related carbon emissions. Here are ways that we can reduce their footprint and live cheaper and cleaner.
Posted Jul 2021

How can we learn to use energy more wisely? Let’s look to nature as a guide

From geese flying through the sky in formation to schools of fish swimming in the ocean, the world's creatures show an efficiency that is the envy of physicists, architects and designers. Writer Gary Ferguson explains the inspiration that we humans can draw from how energy flows in the natural world.
Posted Dec 2019
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