How do we reinvent education? These TED Talks explore the latest thinking — from teachers, parents, kids — on how to build a better school.


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Even gritty people get discouraged

But during those moments of doubt and defeat, it's the questions you ask yourself that can really make the difference in where you go from there. Psychologist Angela Duckworth PhD explains.
Posted Nov 2022

Here’s one way to make solar energy more affordable and accessible: Share it with your neighbors

In the US, community solar projects could provide people in low-income communities with clean, cheaper energy while also transitioning them away from planet-polluting fossil fuels.
Posted Nov 2021

How to raise emotionally intelligent kids

We need to teach children about the importance of connection, heart and compassionate listening and put these things at the center of all our relationships, says author, educator and consultant Lael Stone.
Posted Oct 2021
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