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Humans have changed the planet. Here’s how we design for that now

Human beings have made enormous changes to Earth, reshaping it, developing it and generally altering it so much that in many cases its pre-human condition has become unrecognizable. In this far-ranging conversation, ecologist Erle Ellis and landscape architect Bradley Cantrell discuss what this means for ecology and architecture ... and how we might think about protecting our planet.
Posted May 2015

A day in the life of baby coral

Each year in September, corals in the Caribbean stage a mass spawning event. Witnessing it, says marine biologist and TED Fellow Kristen Marhaver, is like swimming inside a snow globe. Here, she explains how corals beget corals -- and how she and her fellow scientists are trying to help them along.
Posted Mar 2015

Books worth reading, as recommended by Bill Gates, Susan Cain and more…

At the end of 2014, find repose by exciting the mind. 52 of the world's leading thinkers offer the books that inspired them and their work.
Posted Dec 2014
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