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9 eye-opening facts about antibiotic resistance — and 1 hopeful approach to overcoming it

Imagine, for a moment, living in a world where getting a cut could be life-threatening. That’s exactly what would happen if our antibiotics lose their ability to treat bacterial infections. Learn more about antibiotic resistance in bacteria and what Jim Collins and his team at MIT are doing to identify effective new drugs.
Posted Jul 2020

Could the key to fighting antibiotic resistance in humans be found in the blood of the deadly Komodo dragon?

Bacterial infections that are resistant to treatment by our existing antibiotics are a huge threat to human health -- and an enormous challenge for medicine. Scientists are exploring one fascinating line of research: compounds modeled after those found in the blood of the fearsome Komodo dragon.
Posted Oct 2019

Could psychedelic drugs treat PTSD and depression? A Q&A with Rick Doblin

For decades, research into drugs like LSD, MDMA and psilocybin was banned. Now it's time to shed our old fears and fully investigate their potential for treatments that could benefit people with PTSD, depression, substance abuse, and more, says psychedelics expert Rick Doblin.
Posted Jul 2019
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