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My personal lesson in “White Privilege 101” and other of this week’s comments

This week’s haul of great comments includes thoughts on Jamila Lyiscott's spoken word essay, the happy memory of an excellent teacher, and a shared photo of a cockroach carcass, inspired by Ed Yong's tales of dastardly parasites.
Posted Jun 2014

I am also not an inspiration! And other of this week’s smart comments

This week's digital mailbag includes thoughts on the late Rita Pierson's call to educational arms and a very personal response to Stella Young's argument that just because she's in a wheelchair, we really shouldn't see her as being an inspiration.
Posted Jun 2014

You get to decide if you’re an inspiration or not

In her TED Talk, "I'm not your inspiration, thank you very much," comedian and disability advocate Stella Young explains why "inspiration porn" is such a downer. For Emily McManus, she brought to mind two other TED speakers, and a useful insight.
Posted Jun 2014