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Why a company is not a family — and how companies can bond with their employees instead

When companies overuse the word "family," the results are rarely positive. Here's how it can lead to dysfunction -- and how leaders transform their dysfunctional work families back into thriving work teams, from organizational psychologist David Burkus PhD.
Posted Jan 2022

We don’t need statues — we can preserve our history in more memorable ways

By celebrating the Black female body in public spaces and memorials, artist Sethembile Msezane challenges people to question which histories we commemorate -- and which we omit.
Posted Jul 2020

When is it OK to wear an item from another culture, and when is it appropriation? How to tell

It's fine to choose styles from other cultures; the key is to be conscious about what you're doing. Fashion psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen provides some thoughtful advice.
Posted Jul 2020
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