Where does creativity come from? How can you nurture your own? Watch TED Talks from creative people like Steve Jobs, architect Frank Gehry, designer Philippe Starck, writer Elizabeth Gilbert and more.


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11 book and music recommendations that will ignite your imagination

Want to get your creative juices flowing? Filmmaker and writer Wanuri Kahiu and sci-fi author Charlie Jane Anders know more than a thing or two about finding inspiration -- and they've curated this list of recommendations to fire you up. 
Posted Dec 2022

Here’s why we long for that perfect love to arrive — even when we’re happily coupled

If you secretly wonder if your soulmate is out there -- even though you're in a great relationship -- we have news: There's nothing wrong with you. Author Susan Cain explains what this longing reveals about us and about being human.  
Posted Apr 2022

3 science-based strategies to increase your creativity

These three unexpected things can help fuel your creativity: A good mood, some quiet time that's all your own, and limits. Learn why, from performance expert Steven Kotler.
Posted Jan 2021
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