Some of the world's most baffling problems can be traced to corruption. These TED Talks -- from analysts, journalists and whistleblowers -- offer real-world solutions from around the world.


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Can corruption ever be eliminated in the world? Boss Tweed and Napster show a counterintuitive path forward

Corruption doesn't result from a lack of ethics or knowledge; it’s a workaround chosen by people when they have few better options. So what can decrease its lure? New ways to make progress and make money.
Posted Apr 2019

What’s one popular way for criminals to launder money? Real estate.

An inside look at the intense year-long investigation into the shady sales of the Trump Ocean Club high-rise in Panama
Posted Dec 2017

How anonymous companies can undermine national security

When taxpayer money goes to companies with murky ownership, it may put lives in danger and support shady actors. The watchdog group Global Witness shows what can happen when a government ends up working with anonymous companies.
Posted Apr 2017
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