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“How do I write stuff that feels true and will connect other people?”: a Q & A with Jonny Sun

The writer explains how vulnerability and jokes helped him find his people online and build a supportive community.
Posted Jun 2019

The smart strategy that one LGBTQ forum uses to keep out trolls and bullies

Turn it into a game, says technologist Esra’a Al Shafei. Thanks to features like a point system and a leaderboard, her small site for LGBTQ people in the Arab world is not only fun to use -- it’s free from harassers.
Posted Sep 2018

How to build a successful movement in 4 steps

There’s a kind of Hunger Games occurring among organizations and brands to seize people’s attention and loyalty. Here’s what it takes to win power in today’s hyperconnected age, according to activists Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms.
Posted Apr 2018
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