A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Collaboration.

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The art of finding common ground

8 talks • 1h 43m
Disagreements, miscommunications, opposing beliefs -- oh my! Whether at work, with strangers or over family dinner, these talks will help you traverse the rugged terrain of heated conversation and map out the best ways to see eye-to-eye.

How can we improve disaster relief?

9 talks • 1h 36m
Innovative and effective approaches for improving disaster relief efforts worldwide.

The power of collaboration

8 talks • 1h 50m
Great things happen when we work together. Whether on the web or in the face of disaster, these talks reveal the undeniable strength of teaming up.

Searching for knowledge across disciplines

4 talks • 40:01
What can people in seemingly unrelated fields learn from each other? These astonishing talks highlight the importance of searching for answers where you may least expect them.

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Are you mentorable?

Are you open about the areas where you want help? Respectful of your mentor’s time and advice? Here are the characteristics that can make you someone whom other people would lik...

The wisdom of Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds might not be a household name, but pretty much everyone should buy him a drink to thank him for his work on software products such as Linux and Git, the foundatio...