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Talks to watch with kids

11 talks • 2h 13m
Fun, informative and captivating talks to inspire young minds.

Stand up to bullying

7 talks • 1h 25m
Inspiring words -- and smart ideas -- about standing up for yourself, even when it seems impossible.

The genius of babies

5 talks • 1h 25m
Curious what goes on inside a tiny human mind? They can’t talk (yet), but babies know a lot more than you think.

Talks to watch with the entire family

10 talks • 1h 53m
No matter the generation, these talks are perfect for bringing everyone together to learn, wonder and laugh.
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How archaeology has shaped me as a parent

TED Prize winner Sarah Parcak has learned some key lessons about parenthood from her work as an archaeologist. At the same time, becoming a parent has given her new insights int...

Why (some) parents don’t vaccinate

The many-headed dragon of public anger has a mouthful of fire for parents who don’t vaccinate. But such scolding misses the mark, alienating caring parents who just want their k...

The neuroscience of ADHD

Half of the American preschoolers diagnosed with ADHD are given drugs to treat the symptoms. Is that necessary? Is there another way? Neurobiologist David Anderson is alarmed by...
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Beware Dangerism!

by Gever Tulley
The world is no more dangerous than when we were kids, so why don't we let kids take risks? Gever Tulley takes on our media-inflated fears.
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