A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Bullying.

Video playlists about Bullying

TED Talks for National Bullying Prevention Month

8 talks • 1h 46m
These talk unpack the different problems, solutions and experiences we're facing in our modern world of bullying – both on and offline.

Talks for when growing up is hard

8 talks • 1h 28m
The path to adulthood is, at times, a rough one. These talks offer words of comfort and heaps of advice for those moments when life feels way too overwhelming.

The harmful effects of online abuse

4 talks • 1h 9m
A look at how the offline harm of online abuse is real and widespread with potentially severe consequences.

Talks that explain difficult topics to kids

8 talks • 1h 19m
Sometimes, talking with kids about certain subjects is hard. We’re here for you with these gentle lead-ins to help get those tough conversations started.

Exclusive articles about Bullying

9 pieces of practical advice about bullying

A teacher, psychologist, crisis-line supervisor and others share their suggestions for what you can do. Bullying knows no borders — it occurs in every country in the world — and...