How does the brain work? How does it create inventions, the feeling of hunger, the sense of self? Watch these TED talks on the latest science of how we think.

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Our brains: predictably irrational

14 talks • 3h 46m
The 3 pounds of jelly in our skulls allow us to reflect on our own consciousness -- and to make counterintuitive, irrational decisions. These talks explore why.

What are emotions?

5 talks • 1h 19m
Explore the emotional landscape of life and identify those hard to define feelings with these fascinating talks.

The race for your attention

3 talks • 46:27
Attention: everybody wants some -- social media, tech companies and more. Watch these talks to better understand the ways these entities try and get on your radar.

Most popular TED Talks of 2017

14 talks • 3h 48m
What a year! These 14 talks challenged our perceptions of love, happiness, what the future will hold ... and, um, the very nature of reality itself.

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