How does the brain work? How does it create inventions, the feeling of hunger, the sense of self? Watch these TED talks on the latest science of how we think.

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Ask one question to help dispel your morning dread

Most of us know have been in its grip before -- the alarm goes off, our mind starts whirring away, and before you know it, we've done a freefall into worry. Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett has been there, too, and she tells us how we can stop the spiral.
Posted Feb 2019

A scientist explores the mysteries of the gut-brain connection

The brain in your head and the one in your gut are always exchanging info. But how do they do it? Neuroscientist Diego Bohórquez is trying to find out the answers.
Posted Dec 2017

If you want to know what aliens will be like, just look at an octopus

By examining the eight-armed marine creature and the peculiar way it engages with the world, we can get a glimpse into different ways of existing and being, says cognitive neuroscientist Anil Seth.
Posted Jul 2017
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