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How to tell a story

6 talks • 1h 51m
Why do we love our favorite stories? Do they need a beginning, middle and end, and a character who changes by the conclusion? Masters of storytelling explore new answers to age-old questions of the craft.

12 talks from authors

12 talks • 3h 4m
These well-known writers weave beautiful words on the page ... and on the stage.

Talks for when you wish you had time to read

7 talks • 1h 44m
When you’re just too busy to curl up with a good book, these talks bring the beauty of literature in audio form.

Talks that inspired TED Books

6 talks • 1h 23m
Have you ever finished watching a talk and been eager to learn more? Long enough to explore a powerful idea but short enough to read in a single sitting, TED Books pick up where TED Talks leave off.
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Gift guide: Biographies and memoirs

A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: A True Story About Schizophrenia by Sandra Allen In college, Allen’s uncle sent her his autobiography in the mail — the story of a man suffering f...
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