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A newly drawn Tree of Life reminds us to question what we know

This freshly drawn Tree of Life contains a new branch full of microbes -- which appear to dominate Earth's biodiversity. How did we miss that? TED Fellow Hélène Morlon explains.
Posted Apr 2016

A day in the life of baby coral

Each year in September, corals in the Caribbean stage a mass spawning event. Witnessing it, says marine biologist and TED Fellow Kristen Marhaver, is like swimming inside a snow globe. Here, she explains how corals beget corals -- and how she and her fellow scientists are trying to help them along.
Posted Mar 2015

Forget “farm to table.” Here’s “boat to plate.”

In her TED Talk, Oceana's Jackie Savitz argues that we can solve the global food crisis by sustaining our oceans.
Posted May 2014
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