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Way, way out there

17 talks • 4h 21m
Travel across the universe (or is it universes?) to see stunning images of Saturn's rings, hear haunting sounds from distant black holes and catch an infectious sense of wonder about galaxies far, far away.

Are we alone in the universe?

9 talks • 2h 8m
Is Earth really the only life-sustaining planet? These speakers think there might just be something or someone else out there -- and urge us to keep looking for it.

How we study space

17 talks • 3h 5m
Beyond our galaxy, there lies much more to be discovered. Learn how we explore the universe with talks that are definitely out of this world.

The lights and sounds of the universe

6 talks • 1h 6m
Find out what sound a black hole makes, if (possible) alien life is blocking star light and other astounding things happening in our galaxy -- and beyond.
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How to catch a ripple in spacetime

How do you build a real-world machine to test the most abstract of theories? Janna Levin talks with Rainer Weiss, one of the designers of LIGO, the four-km-long instrument that ...
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