Artists, designers and curators share their work, their process and their vision. Watch TED Talks from sculptors, painters, illustrators and photographers -- and those who blur the boundaries.

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Gallery: Photos of loss, memory and identity in a town swept by the 2011 tsunami

With a mix of found and new images, photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg shows how people and a town weathered a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.
Posted Mar 2021

Gallery: 12 colorful posters to inspire you to turn out and vote

Haven't voted yet? Or still trying to persuade family and friends to go? Let these bold images motivate you to be counted.
Posted Oct 2020

6 public art projects that make climate change up close and personal

The planet is in peril, and the time to act is now. Meet 8 TED Fellows who are spreading the message through their art.
Posted Oct 2020
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