In these TED Talks, master architects share their vision for inspired buildings. Hear from Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, Liz Diller, Daniel Libeskind, Moshe Safdie, Thom Mayne, Thomas Heatherwick, Bjarke Ingels and more.


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From melting steel to “concrete cancer”, our buildings aren’t designed to withstand climate change

Intense heat, high winds and heavy floods are wreaking havoc on buildings and bridges, which weren't constructed with the climate crisis in mind. Here are some of the potentially disastrous impacts -- and what we must do to adapt.
Posted Jul 2021

Photo gallery: How Indigenous natural technologies can help us adapt to climate change

From biodegradable islands to living root bridges, these designs -- as researched and highlighted by Julia Watson -- can help us build infrastructure that coexists harmoniously with the natural world.
Posted Mar 2021

See Asia’s largest organic rooftop farm — located in busy Bangkok

This green roof and farm offer a Swiss army knife of solutions -- flood control, solar energy, fresh produce, green space for city dwellers, jobs, learning opportunities, and more -- to some of our most pressing urban problems. Landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom tells us how it works.
Posted Mar 2020
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