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CSI: Mummy!

US authorities recovered an illegally looted mummy, and they wanted to return it. Big problem: They didn't know where it was from. Enter Sarah Parcak, an Egyptologist and expert in the relatively new field of space archaeology. Here, she explains how she and a team unravelled the mystery.
Posted Jul 2019

What the mysterious symbols made by early humans can teach us about how we evolved

After examining dozens of Ice Age cave sites across Europe, paleo-archaeologist Genevieve von Petzinger found our ancestors used a small group of signs in common. Here, she walks us through her eye-opening discoveries and their implications.
Posted Jun 2017

4 amazing archeological finds — and how you can help protect others like them

Space archaeologist Sarah Parcak highlights 4 thrilling recent finds -- and shows us how we can safeguard ancient sites with GlobalXplorer, her new online citizen science platform.
Posted Feb 2017
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