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Do insects have personalities? Yes they do, says this researcher

Every insect you see is a truly unique individual, according to zoology researcher Melinda Babits. She explains why and how she's studying the personality traits of bugs -- particularly, firebugs -- to find out more.
Posted Apr 2021

In search of the rare and ridiculously cute pygmy sloth

Author and conservationist Lucy Cooke went to a remote Caribbean island to track down this most elusive of sloths. She shares a look at their adorable faces and their peculiar lives.
Posted Nov 2020

By saving this adorable, elusive wild cat, you could help save the planet (really!)

Fishing cats live deep in Asia’s mangrove forests, one of our earth's most important ecosystems. Conservationist and entrepreneur Ashwin Naidu of the Fishing Cat Conservancy is working hard to protect them both.
Posted Aug 2020
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