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Leather is bad for animals and the planet — but what if we made it in a lab?

Leather is part of many of our wardrobes, but producing it creates carbon pollution and drives deforestation. Thanks to science, sustainable lab-grown leather could soon be a reality. Entrepreneur Andras Forgacs explains how it works.
Posted Apr 2022

Do insects have personalities? Yes they do, says this researcher

Every insect you see is a truly unique individual, according to zoology researcher Melinda Babits. She explains why and how she's studying the personality traits of bugs -- particularly, firebugs -- to find out more.
Posted Apr 2021

In search of the rare and ridiculously cute pygmy sloth

Author and zoologist Lucy Cooke went to a remote Caribbean island to track down this most elusive of sloths. She shares a look at their adorable faces and their peculiar lives.
Posted Nov 2020
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