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The most important star we’ve ever looked at (so far)

The strange behavior of Tabby’s Star, or KIC 8462852, has inspired modern astronomy’s wildest guessing game, with explanations ranging from aliens to sunspots. Writer Stephen Petranek got Tabby herself to assess the competing ideas.
Posted Mar 2017

The search for alien life in a million stars

A new initiative will allow astronomers to search a million stars for intelligent life. With tens of billions of stars in the Milky Way, might we finally win the numbers game?
Posted Sep 2016

Did we just discover aliens? Scientists aren’t ruling it out

Aliens are not a thing. We know this, right? Well, maybe. Turns out that, almost despite themselves, some of the world’s leading astronomers are taking seriously the question of whether or not we are alone on Earth. Among them, Yale’s Tabetha Boyajian, who has stumbled into what might just be one of the biggest mysteries in the galaxy.
Posted Apr 2016