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The inherent bias in our technology

4 talks • 44:48
These talks reveal how our technology often reflects the unconscious biases and prejudices we hold.

Statistically speaking …

10 talks • 2h 7m
Want a different perspective of the world? Get a better, more friendly grasp of statistics -- one of the most understood and misused tools in modern society.

Math in unexpected places

9 talks • 1h 56m
These talks are here to set the record straight and illuminate the unexpected ways formulas and fractions influence everything, from love and war to origami and coral reefs.

The influence of algorithms

7 talks • 1h 51m
Algorithms play a big part in our day-to-day lives. From search engines to architecture, explore how these formulas affect the way we view and interact with the world around us.

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Justice in the age of big data

Justice should be blind, right? Unfortunately, the predictive policing software used in much of the US has bias and misunderstanding programmed right into it, says data scientis...

The rise of the useless class

Historian Yuval Noah Harari offers a bracing prediction: just as mass industrialization created the working class, the AI revolution will create a new unworking class. The most ...
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